ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT CHOOSING US?? Because  WE ARE! If you're looking for cheerleaders, answers to advice, and a couple who loves capturing wildly in love couples... then learn more about us!!!! A Tennessee/West Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Meet the artists that make your day, yours. 


Your hand in mine...

Never forget the biggest day of our lives 

bold. intimate. electric. binding

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If you're wondering what our clients are saying about us, look no further! We pride ourselves on our client experience. Telling these love stories is something that will never get old. 

"There wasn't a moment we weren't crying from laughter !"

Five star reviews

sitting backwards on a the sky-lift in North Carolina.

Asheville, carnival 

Driving through Cades cove.

Dancing on the blue ridge mountains 

roan mountain

(spoiler alert : They're epic)

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