Andrea and Jason’s engagement at Cades Cove in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Andrea and Jason now own my soul lolz. From the get go I just knew their personalities meshed well with mine. They’re laid back, adventurous, attentive, and giving personalities bleed into their relationship with the most purest and wildest of love. I am super thankful they’ve chosen me to go on this journey of telling their story and capturing the day they become husband and wife.

They love playing video games together, big car lovers LOL, they’re super silly, and Jason loves licking Andrea on the face BAHAHAH, they have doggos! and love to hike (i like to hike too so was super excited about that) hearing them giggle and laugh as the sun sets is probably an adventure I won’t forget for a really long time. Picking out their spot was probably the funnest lol! They were seriously down for anything and they wanted that wild and free look upon the mountains and I knew i could def deliver that feeling!!

Now, let’s talk about planning your shoot for Cades Cove loop! there’s several different avenues you can take that come out to be: small, medium, or large. Small path you can end your loop in about 4 miles, the medium path in about 8 or so miles, and the long path you can be done in over 12 + miles. There’s lots to explore so I would prioritize where you wanna go and stick with that! as there isn’t a lot of shade because its wide open valley!!! Pack shoes that are comfy and outfits that fit the wild and free aesthetic that Cades cove brings.

view some of my favs from their gallery !!! and remember besties stay wild and wonderful.

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