Hi! I’m Piper! Welcome to my world besties!

this is me hehe 😉

Hi my names Kailey Piper Sheppard and heres my social security number…. ahahaha j.k. I’m a West Virginia Wedding Photographer who specializes in the wild weddings full of love and laughter and intensity. I also travel and love to shoot destination weddings!!! I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, twilight, the 100, the smell of old books, fantasy genre, bridgerton, and i am super duper loud. my laugh can be heard for like miles and miles lMFAO.

I really love chocolate ice cream and grilled cheeses with chocolate milk but I ALSO LOVEEE fruit salads with lots of good organic paleo dressing. im a beginner in yoga for a long time now, i love to wake up and just enjoy fresh air. I love peppermint tea, animals, any type of baby anything. I’ve always wanted to run a rescue for animals with no homes to help them rehabilitate and then find them a home!

Im an aries with a huge heart, and i really like dancing and shopping. I like to feel the earth on my feet, and i like to smile a ton. I love learning about different cultures, and I like to learn about. anything and everything i can!!! I’ve been on a journey of learning about my own body systems as a woman…. which has been super cool LOLz.

so photography is my main honcho but i have a ton of hobbies, and i really think thats important as a human. to have lots and lots of outlets to save you from being stuck !!!

so thats a little about me lolz. HOpe you enjoyed some tad bits about me mwahahahahahah!!!!

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