and laughter. And bickering. And being in the moment. Chocolate milk and grilled cheeses are also something we believe in too. Piper is super loud and energetic and Maverick is more chilled and will definitely make tons of sarcastic jokes. And we both collectively decided if we were animals Mav would be a panda bear and Piper would be a wolf or maybe one of those really wild monkeys. We both love video games, but Piper prefers books. Piper has been shooting weddings for almost 2 years now and Maverick started video the summer of 2021! 

We believe in love stories.

About Us

Human connection

Our Approach

I'll rarely ever shut up during our session. LOL and Maverick will just crack jokes. However no matter how funny we are, We are also super reliable during and after your wedding day and other special events. We both really love helping in any way we possibly can. Making timelines, aiding in holding flowers and drinks, and dancing. Piper LOVES dancing. and truthfully we just like being in the moment with you... our besties ;).

To be completely honest, We're like cringey comedians with cameras.

there's a moment when your children will ask to see what you looked like years ago. They'll ask you about your wedding day, how you fell in love, and what you parents acted like. They'll ask you if you loved and laughed. So instead of typing for ages, Let me TELL you my reasons why photos are important and why video is just as important. 

Why are photos so important to us? Why should you care about photos?

how much do you love me?

I love you, seven.

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