Carvers Gap, Roan Mountain Intimate and candid Engagement session with Kelsey and Andrew

Soooooo… honestly when Kelsey first reached out to me I was freaking ecstatic. Because i had previously come upon her instagram and thoroughly stalked her LOL because they were so freaking cute and Andrew had just proposed to her so i was like *insert peeping eyeballs*

she reached out about her wedding and we set up a consultation call to go over everything and voila they were booked! we planned her engagement session with lots of texts back and forth and i was praying there would be no rain \because it had rained all week prior to this shoot… like i mean everyday it had come a freaking monsoon thunderstorm because it’s July, the tropical storm season staying true to its name lolzzzzz.

And if you’ve ever experienced Roan Mountain you know that it’s climate is completely different then anything else around it!!!!!! I had been staying with my parents for the week because they live down in TN and I had been missing them! so they decided to take me to my session that weekend and boy am I glad they did because we had so much fun talking and laughing and getting really bad pizza and then watching movies when we came home.

but heres some of my favs from the day.. which is like the whole gallery so lollll..

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