Amelia Island, Florida Beach Wedding with Taylor and Austin Butcher

These two are full of love and light and all things adventurous, carefree, and simply beautiful. They met at an early age and after meeting them ad getting to see them work together and enjoy one another and be attentive to the other they were truly designed to be by each other’s side in life. Taylor and Austin have two beautiful girls who loveeeee the camera lolll, and They’re actually from the West Virginia mountains like me! 🙂 They love being outside together, and Austin and her are always loving on one another. They’re always smiling together like they have this hilarious inside joke that no one knows aside from themselves and I swear i think it’s the cutest freaking thing ever.

Taylor and I met on facebook after a few referrals sent her my way!!! and I am forever thankful we got to sit down and talk and get to know one another. so without further ado heres some of their engagement pictures and their wedding sneak peek from Amelia Island, Florida!!!

andddd heres their wedding sneak peek heheheheheh

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